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Early bird price closes on 24th May

Late price closes on 31st May

Code of Conduct:

The Melbourne Swing Festival operates under Swing Patrol's official Code of Conduct. We urge you to familiarise yourself with it before you register. If at any time during the event you feel unsafe or witness inappropriate behaviour, there will be a dedicated staff member at each venue to go to for help. Let's all work together to make the event a fun and positive experience for everyone.

New Pass Options:

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created new pass options.


After much deliberation and exploring our options, we have settled on a creative solution to be able to offer more places in the workshops and at the entire event.

We have created new passes called ‘Gilded Gold Pass’ and ‘Socialite Pass’.


These are both the same as their namesakes but with no access to the Sunday night main event "Groovie Movie"; Gilded Gold being a Gold Pass without the Sunday night event, and Socialite being a Social pass without the Sunday night event. Note, these passes will still get you into the Sunday Late Night, so there will still be dancing to be done!

What do you get with each of these passes?

  • Gilded Gold Pass (Equivalent to a Gold pass) - This gets you access to all the workshops and most of the socials, but excludes access to the Sunday Social "Groovie Movie".

  • Socialite Pass (Equivalent to a Social pass) - This gets you access to all social events, excluding the Sunday Social "Groovie Movie".

Call out to Leads: 

We still need more leads to help with evening out of numbers.


Follows please note: 

We still do not have too many spots left for follows, particularly in level 3 and 4. When these streams sell out, that’s it, until someone cancels. Therefore, we need to start a new waiting list (more like a notification list), where you will get a notification if a pass becomes available, for instance, if someone cancels their pass at the last minute. If you are still interested in going on this list, please sign up here: [email protected]

Existing Sold Out Passes:
If you want to do EVERYTHING, go with the GOLD pass which includes all workshop and social events. Then just swing in and out of the festival as you wish. 

If you'd like to do workshops ONLY, you can purchase one of the WORKSHOP passes (Silver, Saturday Day or Sunday Day) described below. 

If you'd like to attend the social events ONLY, you can purchase a SOCIAL pass. There will be limited tickets available for cash at the door at the social events, but buying a Social Pass secures a spot and saves you money. 



Casual Pay at the Door:
If you decide to attend the social events on the weekend casually i.e. picking and choosing and just turning up, you do not need to register or purchase any pass. Simply come along and pay at the door on the night.





Gilded Gold Pass (excludes Sunday Night Social) - $380

Socialite Pass (excludes Sunday Night Social) - $180


(Price increase after the 24th May)

Gilded Gold Pass (excludes Sunday Night Social) - $430

Socialite Pass (excludes Sunday Night Social) - $230

(Pricing excluding 50 cent ‘Try booking’ fee.)



Gold Pass - $395
Silver Pass (workshops only) - $295

Saturday Workshops Pass – $185

Sunday Workshops Pass -  $185
Social Pass – $210

Shared Parent Gold Pass $395


(Price increase after the 24th May)

Gold Pass - $445
Silver Pass (workshops only) - $345

Saturday Workshops Pass – $235

Sunday Workshops Pass -  $235
Social Pass – $260

Shared Parent Gold Pass $445

(Pricing excluding 50 cent ‘Try booking’ fee.)

Tickets still available at the door for socials (excluding Sunday's social)

Friday social - $50

Saturday social - $55

Sunday social - Sold out*

Monday social - $35 


Friday late night - $30

Saturday late night - $30

Sunday late night - $30

*(This venue is at capacity. Only full gold pass and full social pass holders will be permitted entry on the night)

Refund Policy

  • Full refund less $25 processing fee before 10th May 2019

  • 50% refund if cancelling between 10th May – 31st May 2019

  • No refund after 31st May 2019

  • No transfers

  • No transferring Gold Pass to Gilded Gold pass

  • No transferring Social Pass to Socialite pass

  • For refund enquiries email [email protected]

  • Purchase of a pass confirms acceptance to receiving email specific to this festival (we have some important information to send you closer to the day), and if you would like to go on our Melbourne mailing list, please tick the box, when you see this sentence. – “Tick this box to receive information, updates and special offers regarding events at this venue and/or the producer of the Event for which you have purchased this ticket.” 




Want to experience MSF and save some money? Then become part of our Event Crew!

Working with the Crew at MSF allows you to get a discount on your MSF pass and earns you major brownie points…it may even earn you actual brownies! Events like MSF succeed because of dedicated peeps who give their time and energy to create something unforgettable. You can be one of these very special people…and save yourself major funds as well. It’s a great chance to make new friends, save some dosh, and see what goes on behind the scenes at dance events. You might need to get in quick as places are limited and very popular. 

Tasks may include:
• Event set up/pack down
• Teacher aides (chauffeuring, getting lunch, water etc)
• Door staff at events
• Late night Festival Crew
• Airport pickups
• Being a spare pair of hands

If you would like to volunteer, just send us an email!

Volunteer enquiries - [email protected]

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